Provincetown Boat Charters offers dignified, affordable ash scattering at sea services just outside Cape Cod Bay on a private boat, for an affordable rate of $450. Cape Cod and the surrounding Atlantic Ocean are often locations with special meaning for the deceased and family where they can release ashes into the sea. Ash scatterings in locations of your choice are also available.

A standard service takes about an hour and a half. We depart from the MacMillan Pier and travel either within the harbor or beyond, wind and weather permitting, into the ocean just beyond Race Point. 

We are happy to personalize each service according to the wishes of the deceased and the families involved.

This might include:
* Inclusion of a minister or other clergy of your choosing
* Music
* Rose petals or cut flowers to release into the water available for purchase at Stop & Shop or other local florists.

We will do our best to accommodate anything else that you might want for this service.

The service (weather permitting) usually involves making 3 circles:

  • During the first circle the loved ones release flowers into the water.

  • We then circle again through those flowers and the deckhand will advise of the appropriate time to deposit the ashes.

  • The third circle provides an opportunity for placing additional flowers and for remembrances and prayers.

For those who are unable to travel to the Provincetown area or who are looking for a more economical option, we offer unattended ash scattering services.